Águilas Carnival 2020 Dates - The Largest Carnival in Murcia

Published on May 08, 2019
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The carnival in Águilas is the most famous in the region of Murcia and its distinctive features are the "cascarones de confetti" (eggshells filled with confetti) and the "cuerva" (a wine based drink).

Music groups, extravagant costumes, a proper carnival parade - these are all of the characteristics of the carnival in Aguilas. 

Although it is not yet as big or as popular as other carnivals in Spain, the event in Aguilas attracts larger crowds every year. Just like it is the case with the carnival in Badajoz, this one is still more popular among locals than among tourists, so it's a way to immerse yourself in the local culture and experience something new. 

Aguilas Carnival 2020 - The Largest Carnival in Murcia: 15 February - 29 February 2020

The info below is from the 2019 edition of the carnival and will be updated when there is more info available. 

Dates and Schedule of Events - 2019 Edition

(these are the most important events in the program of the carnival's last edition)

Saturday 2nd MARCH 2019

  • Location: Plaza de Espana at 22:00

Sunday 3rd March 2019

  • Starts at 18:00 h

Monday 4th March 2019

  • Event: NIGHT CARNIVAL (Noche de Carnaval)
  • Location: Plaza de Espana, at 24:00

Tuesday 5th March

  • Starts at 18:00 h

Saturday 9th March 2019

  • QUEMA DE DON CARNAL AND FIREWORKS (at Playa de la Colonia at 24:00 h)
  • CARNIVAL AWARDS in Plaza de Espana

Friday 15th March 2019

  • Location: Auditorio Infanta Dona Elena
La Cuerva - the official drink of the Carnival in Aguilas

La Cuerva is the typical drink that is prepared during the carnival fiesta in Aguilas. It is said that this is prepared using all the leftover alcohol from Christmas.

It is usually prepared in a large jug where you mix different types of alcohol, including tequila, vodka, whiskey and other similar spirits, plus white wine and red wine. Then the sugar is added and stirred until all is mixed well. The last step is to add the soft drinks, which will cut the alcohol and make it sweeter. There is even a contest in the carnaval of Aguilas for the best cuerva drink and a jury will choose the best one, which gets the prize as the "Supercuerva".

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Los Cascarones & The battle of Don Carnal and Doña Cuaresma  - a tradition of the carnival in Las Aguilas

Los Cascarones play an important role in the traditions around the Carnaval of Aguilas. Months before the carnival begins, the families in the city will start storing the shells of all the eggs used in the house, then they are covered with colorful tissue paper or painted in beautiful colors and filled with confetti.

Los Cascarones are then used during the carnival in the battle of Don Carnal and Doña Cuaresma which takes place in Plaza de Espana on the Saturday before the big carnival parade. The square is filled with colorful confetti and the eggs are used as "projectiles" in this fun and colorful battle.

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