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Published on June 19, 2019
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During the carnival Cadiz comes to life and the streets are all one big fiesta

The carnival in Cadiz is considered a Festival of International Tourist Interest in Spain and it is actually one of the largest in the country and probably the best carnival in Andalucia, so it is really worth visiting the city during this festive season.

If the carnival in Tenerife is considered to be the biggest in Spain, the carnival in Cadiz is the largest on the peninsula, but it is somewhat different to the ones celebrated in the Canary Islands, due to one distinctive feature: Humor. 

The carnival groups in Cadiz write humorous songs, based on the current social and political issues that the country and the world are facing right now; they usually resort to satire and irony as a way of expressing their grievances. This makes the Cadiz carnival a unique event in Spain, which is not only based on music and costumes, but which also approaches through humor current problems that the modern society is facing. It may be difficult to understand the lyrics if you don't know any Spanish, so you may want to try and learn a little (or maybe travel with a friend that understands Spanish). In any case, even if you don't understand the language, you can still have fun and enjoy the festival atmosphere, which takes over the city for about ten days each year. 

Carnival of Cadiz 2020: 20 February - 1 March 2020

The most common question for anyone who wants to participate in the event is when does the carnival in Cadiz happen?

The carnival starts on a Thursday, and on the first Friday takes place the final of the competition for carnival groups COAC (Concurso Oficial de Agrupaciones).

The actual festival in Cadiz starts on Saturday, known as the first Saturday of the carnival and then on Sunday you can participate in the first parade of the carnival, one of the most important days of the celebrations in Cadiz.

The second parade, known as the Humor Parade or Cabalgata del Humor is usually held on the second Saturday of the carnival and it's the most expected event during the carnival each year, since it is was makes Cadiz Carnival so special and distinctive from the rest of the carnivals in Spain. 

Cadiz Carnival Schedule - 2020 Edition

Thursday, February 20th

Inaugural day of the carnival and the final of the Concurso de Romanceros

Friday, February 21st

Gran Final del Concurso de Agrupaciones del Gran Teatro Falla 2020 (the final of the competition for the carnival groups)

Saturday, February 22nd

First Saturday of the carnival with plenty of activities on the streets

Sunday, February 23rd

First Sunday of choirs. Floats with choirs and the Big Parade in Cadiz (Gran Cabalgata) - there are many activities organized on the streets

Monday, February 24th

Hangover Monday - a day to replenish your strength. There are activities on the streets, floats with choirs and local fiesta

Tuesday, February 25th

Carnival groups circuit - Quema del Dios Momo

Wednesday, February 26th

Carnival groups circuit with performances in la Viña and in Plaza de San Agustín 

Thursday, February 27th

Carnival groups circuit with performances in la Viña

Friday, February 28th

Day of Andalucía. Carrusel de coros in la Loreto, final of the competition in la Viña, activities in San Agustín, concerts.

Saturday, March 1st

Humor Parade or Comedy Parade - Cabalgata del Humor - the most important event during the carnival of Cadiz

This is the second Saturday of the Carnival: Carrusel de Coros in la Viña, carrusel de coros on Paseo Marítimo and concerts

Sunday, March 2nd

Last Sunday of the carnival: activities for children, Carrusel de Coros through the market, gastronomical events (you can taste some of the local delicacies), thr burning of the witch Piti and then the festival ends with a big fireworks show.

Should you visit Cadiz during the carnival?

YES, the carnival season is a great time to visit Cadiz. 

Actually, any time of the year is perfect for visiting Cadiz, but of course this depends on what you plan to do while you're here. 

Our advice for anyone looking to take part in the carnival is to dress in costume and blend in with the crowds. 

The first time when we participated in a carnival in Spain we didn't have any costumes and although we weren't the only ones in that situation, there were far less like us and far more people disguised or in costume.

The costume will help you blend in more with the crowds that fill up the streets during the carnival in Cadiz, an event which draws tens of thousands of tourists each year to this sunny coast of Andalusia, for one of the most authentic experiences that you can have while visiting Spain. 

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