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Published on May 30, 2019
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Did you know that Vinaròs is famous for its amazingly delicious prawns?

Vinaròs is a small town part of the province of Castellon, so it's also part of the bigger Valencian Community, on the Mediterranean Coast of Spain.

Being a popular tourist destination, Vinaròs organizes a series of events each year which are both of interest for locals and tourists as well. The most popular event in Vinaròs is probably the big carnival but others like the King Prawn Festival are also raising a lot of interest, since the town is well known for its delicious prawns.

Best Events, Celebrations and Festivals in Vinaròs

Vinaròs is situated at almost equal distances from Valencia (152 km) and Barcelona (200km), so it's easy to get to either by train or by renting a car and driving there yourself.

Despite being a town with a population of less than 30,000 people, Vinaròs is home to some interesting events, out of which we recommend the following if you are ever in the area.

1. Sant Antoni Abat

  • When: 17 January 

It is celebrated on January 17th. Bonfires are let throughout different squares in Vinaros and the following day the people celebrated the day of the Saint in the Santuario de la Misericordia.

2. Sant Sebastià (San Sebastian)

  • When: 20 January

The Fiesta of San Sebastian is celebrated on January 20, when homage is paid to the patron saint of the city.

This is a very important festival for the residents of Vinaros, as San Sebastian is considered the protector of their town. On 20 January each year there is a 6km pilgrimage on the mountain of El Puig. Afterwards there is a big fiesta where everyone can enjoy folkloric performances and a popular paella.

3. Carnival of Vinaròs

  • When: different date according to the religious calendar and Easter date each year
  • 2020 edition: 8 - 24 February

The carnival is celebrated sometimes between January, February and March and besides the traditional parades and Queen Gala Night there are 2 events that will catch your attention: The Battle with Flour and the Pajama Night, where all the participant at the carnival come out dressed in their best nightwear. 

4. Semana Santa in Vinaròs

  • When: 5 - 11 April 2020

Holy Week (Semana Santa) is an important time of the year, celebrated in all of Spain. 

The first of the processions is held on Holy Wednesday at 5 am in the morning, a liturgical act, which goes back to a secular tradition. Thursday and Good Friday at dusk, the streets of the historic center of Vinaròs gather many visitors to come to see the solemn processions of the brotherhoods. The last of the processions is the one on Easter Sunday. Among these religious celebrations there are also other events happening, like concerts and exhibitions, which turn this religious festival into a cultural event.

There is also an official website for Semana Santa in Vinaros, where you can see more details info about each year's events (the website is available only in Spanish).

5. Virgen del Carmen (Mare de Déu del Carme)

  • When: 16 July

This is another event of religious significance celebrated all over Spain.

The traditional sea procession takes place on July 16, the day in which the sailors honor their patron saint, the Virgen del Carmen. Since Vinaros is still a fishing town, all the boats of the fishing fleet are decorated for the occasion. Afterwards, there is a popular fiesta, where the sardine is the main star of the culinary show.

6. King Prawn Festival (Fiesta del Langostino)

  • When: In August

Vinaròs is famous in Spain for the quality of its shrimp, so if you are a lover of shrimps and seafood in general, this is the best time of the year to visit Vinaros.

The King Prawn Festival is one of the oldest events continuously celebrated in the Valencian Community, dating back to 1963.

Celebrated always in the month of August on the promenade of Vinaros, this event celebrates the history of the town as a fishing village. Now you will have the chance to taste the fresh, local shrimp, cooked in different ways, in the most emblematic gastronomic event of Vinaròs.

Other culinary events in Vinaròs in 2019

  • Cocina de Gallera: 15 February - 17 March 2019
  • Prawn Tapa Tour: 3 - 19 May 2019
  • Days of Prawn cooking: 17 May - 16 June 2019
  • World Tapa Day: 3 - 30 September 2019
  • Jornadas de Cocina del Rancho Marinero: 20 September - 20 October 2019
  • Days of Cooking Rice: 1 November - 9 December 2019
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