Carnival of Vinaròs 2020 - Liveliest Party Of The Year

Published on May 30, 2019
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Carnaval de Vinaròs, one of the most popular carnivals in the region of Valencia, Spain

Vinaròs Carnival is celebrated each year forty days before Lent and it's the best party of the year, with over 30 troupes (comparsas) participating in the event. 

The Carnival of Vinaròs has been declared a Festivity of Regional Tourist Interest since 2007 and if the event keep growing and grabbing the interest of more tourists it will be upgraded to the category of Festivity of National Tourist Interest in Spain (Fiestas of National Tourist Interest of Spain).

Carnival of Vinaròs 2020: 8 - 24 February 2020

In 2020 the carnaval will be celebrated from the 8th of February until the 24th of February.

  • Location: Vinaròs, Castellon province, part of the Valencian Community
  • Main location of the carnival: Fóra Forat Walk (Passeig de Fora del Forat) in Vinaròs
  • Official website (only in Spanish)

The events that stand out throughout the carnival are the parades on Saturday and Sunday, as well as the battle with flour and the pajamas night, when all the participants have to come dressed in pajamas. 

Main events of the carnival in Vinaros


  • Opening night of the carnival
  • Arrival of His Majesty Carnestoltes
  • Opening of the tents and area dedicated to the carnival on Fóra Forat Walk.
    a de las reinas.


  • Queen Gala - you can see the beautiful costumes and dresses of the girls who are participating in this year's competition


  • Flour battle - a fun event, much loved especially by youth and kids
  • Disguise costume competition for dogs


  • Elderlies' Dinner


  • Karaoke contest between comparsas (troupes)


  • Confetti Battle - another fun night for the entire family 
  • Theme night, according to each year's carnival theme


  • Pajama Night Party - everyone participates in the carnival dressed in his pajamas 


  • Crazy Night (Noche Loca) - everyone comes up in disguise in the area dedicated to the carnival

Saturday & Sunday (last weekend of the carnival)

  • Main parades of the carnival in Vinaros: Saturday at 7 pm and Sunday at 6 pm
  • The route is usually on the following streets: Calle Pilar, Calle Pablo Ruiz Picaso, Calle San Francisco, Calle País Valencià, Calle Arcipreste Bono, Plaza 1º de Mayo, Calle Costa y Borrás, Calle País Valencià, Calle Arcipreste Bono, Calle Socorro, Plaza Jovellar y Calle Pilar

Monday - last day of the Vinaros Carnival

  • Night of mourning 
  • Burial of the Sardine and the Carnestoltes
  • Fireworks

Don Carnal (Carnestoltes) is a character who comes each year to Vinaros with the only purpose of tempting the city's residents to sin uncontrollably during the carnival celebrations.

Vinaròs - one of the best carnivals around Valencia

The carnival of Vinaròs is considered as one of the most famous carnivals on the entire Mediterranean coast of Spain and it's a great way to experience a local fiesta and party in a true Spanish way.

In August there is another event known as the Summer Carnival, with the purpose of showcasing for tourists the beautiful costumes and to promote the carnival among international visitors, who may want to experience "the real thing" sometimes in the future.

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